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Tips may help you to finish all "I Know Gender" courses 😍

Since we are under quarantine, I decided to increase my knowledge about gender equality in work, education, decision making... and in many other areas! so I started with the UN Women Training Center by taking all the free courses they have about "I Know Gender".

To learn more about the online courses and how to enroll in it, click on the button below 👇

I really enjoyed the courses, it was full of information and easy to take. By the end of each course, I was able to get a certificate, but before you see the certificates below, I would like to share some tips with you to make it easy for you to finish the courses and memorize everything for later so you can use the principles in your daily life routine.

Tips may help you to finish all "I Know Gender" courses 👇

  • Sit in a quiet place: To make sure you can hear the voice records in each slide, the speaker says a lot of information that you can't see in the slides, so it's extra information for you.
  • Take notes: Every time you open the course make sure to have a notebook and pen with you to write notes.
  • Take your time: No rush to finish the course, it's already short and you can finish it in less than 1 hour, so read all the resources and check the videos they provide you, it's really cool and informative.
  • The final quiz: Before taking the final quiz, make sure to go back and review all the slides, go through the notes you took and answer the questions carefully. If you missed up, no worries you can retry. You need to get 80% and above to pass each module.
  • Don't click on next unless you finished the slide! believe me, it deserves to read every single word in each slide.
  • If you don't have time, that doesn't mean it's not important to go through the resources tap! don't read it now, but save it for later, so keep all links in your device.
  • Last but not least, encourage your friends and family to take the courses, it could be the first step you take to help us to breakdown the stereotypes around us to reach planet 5050.

Here you go with the 12 certificates I got 💪😍

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