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ORIGAMI Lighting Kit

Inspired by WARAGAMI

ORIGAMI Lighting Kit- Inspired by WARAGAMI

It's a lighting kit that inspired by the paper art "ORIGAMI" techniques. By using this kit you can create a light unit which you can use in 4 different ways by following the provided instructions inside and you can transfer the package into a small warm wooden table that could be as a base for the light unit and the weaved scarf as a decor for the small table.

Materials and Tools:

  • Materials: Acrylic/ Wood /Cotton /Metal /Light unit.
  • Tools: Laser cutter/ Wood cutting machine/ Sewing machine.


  • A multi-functional lighting unit which you can use in 4 different ways. The final product is a lighting kit that is covered with a hand-made weaved scarf. The package is made out of wood and has instructions inside with a Quilling paper that will cover the light units inside the kit.


  • Empowering the women by creating the weaved scarf.
  • Empowering the carpenter by creating the wooden package.
  • Saving energy by using an energy saving bulb.
  • Spreading the culture of the paper art "Origami".

Bio the Designer:

  • Laith Abu-Taleb, Journalist, 25 years old entrepreneur who's investing in experiences and founded WARAGAMI from his passion in the paper art. Laith started his journey in the design field by designing this lighting unit following his passion by combining between the paper art techniques and the lighting.

It's not an easy process, this lighting kit went through long process to come into life!

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